ebm-papst S6E630-DN01-35

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Chimney fan for livestock buildings; 230VAC; ϕ630 mm; 11025 m3/h

Ebm-Papst axial fan with a diameter of 63 cm for livestock buildings, intended for installation in a ventilation chimney.

Chimney fan fi 63 cm Ebm-Papst S6E630-DN01-35:

  • Diameter: ϕ63 cm
  • Input voltage: 1~230V AC
  • Engine power: 467W
  • Efficiency 0 Pa: 11025 m3/h
  • Speed: 925/min

The chimney fan with a diameter of 63 cm is designed to work with any ventilation controller with smooth speed control.

The sickle-shaped shape of the five fan blades ensures maximum efficiency of the pressed air, while the construction of light reinforced plastic minimizes energy losses for fan acceleration during operation with ventilation. The fan has a built-in thermal protection that protects the motor from damage in the event of blocking the fan blades. The image below shows how to connect the fan to the ventilation controller using thermal protection (black bridge on the fan power supply).

Marking of the chimney fan for a livestock building, ELETOR, EBM-PAPST

Ebm-papst chimney fans are characterized by high resistance to conditions in the piggery, poultry house or cowshed.

The materials used, plastics, anti-corrosion coatings and the appropriate assembly technology guarantee long-term durability.


  • motor with four brackets protected with a special PP coating
  • hermetic aluminum casing with three glands for tight connection of the fan
  • motor thermal protection provided on 2 16A contacts
  • reinforced insulation of the motor windings
  • sickle-shaped blades made of reinforced hard plastic in HyBlade technology.
  • quiet operation without vibrations thanks to the use of Winglets - additionally stabilizing the fan blades
  • modern design - maximum fan efficiency with minimum power consumption
  • quality guarantee thanks to the implemented Industry 4.0 production system

High quality, reliability and durability are the main features of a livestock fan.

Reliable fan operation contributes to the safety of livestock in the piggery, poultry house or cowshed. The ebm-papst company has a special production system that monitors the quality of products, from the delivery of components, through each stage of production, to the finished product. Each ebm-papst fan, apart from the type and parameter designation, is uniquely marked with a QR code, which enables full production quality control.

Marking of the chimney fan for a livestock building, ELETOR, EBM-PAPST

Warranty 24 months.

Mounting brackets for the ventilation chimney are not included with the fan. If you need them, you can buy them at our other auctions.

The S6E630-DN01-35 chimney fan fits in the mounting brackets of other available fans with 4 brackets.

More Information
Manufacturer ebm-papst
Installation type Chimney
Nominal voltage 1~230V AC
Air volume flow 0 Pa [m3/h] 11025
Power [W] 467
Diameter [cm] 63
Current [A] 2.04
Control U ~ phase, U/F ~ inverter
International Protection Rating IP54
Efficiency 32,2%
Speed (rpm) 925
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