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Who we are and what we do?

The ELETOR brand was established at the beginning of 2005. We are a Polish designer and manufacturer of electronic devices. We have our own design office, assembly line and developed production standards. Our company specializes in the design and production of control and measurement devices for the agricultural industry. In addition to production activities, we also conduct service, maintenance and trade activities.

Design and service activities

As part of its core business, the ELETOR company provides electronic system design services, according to the customer's recommendations. We have our own design office, assembly line, production workshop and access to qualified engineering staff, both within our own human resources and external project teams.

Service activity in the field of electronic circuits assembly

The company's assets include a laboratory for prototype and low-volume production. We also have access to electronic parts and components from suppliers from all over the world. As part of these resources, we provide SMT and THT assembly services, both from entrusted materials and full complementation of electronic production from materials provided by us.

Production activities

Many years of experience in the production of electronic devices for the agricultural industry made our unit specialize in the production of control and measurement devices for livestock breeding.

Our permanent offer includes high-quality climate controllers for smooth ventilation of livestock rooms. In addition, we produce a number of peripheral devices, including temperature sensors (digital and analog), alarm control panels (with light, acoustic or GSM telephone notification), controllers for automatic feeding of feed, power supplies for alarm opening of air inlet flaps and power extensions for ventilation controllers.

The products from the permanent offer are manufactured under the ELETOR brand. They have all the necessary markings and documentation that enable trade in our products in commercial networks around the world and free logistic circulation.

In addition to the production under its own brand, the ELETOR company provides production services for its products under a different brand as part of OEM production. This method of production allows wholesale customers to create their own image, offering their customers our products under their own brand.

Trade activities

In the context of a commercial activity, the company introduced the ELETOR a number of complementary products from a broader industrial automation. Our commercial offer includes both products manufactured at the request of our company, as well as delivered by other proven brands. Among the commercial products that have been manufactured on our behalf, there are mainly metal accessories (rope pulleys, angles, manual lifts) and acoustic signaling devices.

The main supplier of branded commercial products that are offered by ELETOR is the Swiss company Belimo. We have a full, current offer of Belimo products. Belimo's offer includes three main product categories:


  • actuators: linear, rotary, multiturn and valve actuators,
  • valves: zone, ball, with a regulator or orifice, for drinking water and butterfly valves,
  • sensors: temperature, duct, outdoor, indoor, pipe; measured values: temperature, pressure, humidity, CO2, volatile organic compounds, flow rate.


Among the complementary products to our climate controllers, we offer high-quality agricultural fans of the German brand ebm-papst. We provide chimney fans for livestock buildings with a blade diameter from 500 to 630 mm. We offer fans with both traditional AC motors and energy-saving EC motors.

Our commercial offer is supplemented by Stord capacitive sensors, which cooperate with our feed controllers.

Warranty and repair activities

We provide a two-year manufacturer's warranty for all devices manufactured in our plant. The ELETOR company performs all warranty repairs in its plant. We do not have authorized service points.

We care about the natural environment, we do not want our devices to clutter the planet, so - at the design stage - we think to extend the life of our product as much as possible. We select elements and materials of the highest quality and efficiency so that our devices work much longer than it results from the warranty period. In addition, all mechanical and electronic components are subject to service replacement, regardless of the age of the device. The exceptions are situations when a given product is no longer produced and we cannot replace an element from the currently owned inventory.

The result of restrictive production methods is a very low rate of warranty repairs, which has been around 0.1-0.2% for several years. We are constantly working to bring this ratio down to 0%. However, as it turns out, the most common causes of failure of our devices during the warranty period are beyond our control. They mainly result from damage to electronic components or are caused by improper transport.

The Management Board of ELETOR

Legal note: ELETOR Limited Liability Company with its registered office in Poland, address: Zbiczno, St. Pod Sosno 28, 87-305 Zbiczno, entered into the register of entrepreneurs kept by the District Court in Toruń, VII Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under number 0000793000, with share capital of PLN 100,000 fully paid up, NIP number: 8741795623, REGON: 383758757, is held by the Management Board in the following persons: Karol Zduński - President of the Management Board. Katarzyna Zduńska - Member of the Management Board.

M.Eng. Karol Zduński - President of the Management Board

Range of competences:

  • design of electronic circuits
  • embedded systems development
  • generating orders and production orders
  • preparation of production valuations
  • calculation of unit production costs
  • supervision over the quality control of finished products
  • supervising the recruitment of new employees

M.Sc. Katarzyna Zduńska - Member of the Management Board

Range of competences:

  • keeping full accounting in accordance with the principles of financial accounting
  • preparation of financial statements
  • keeping settlements and controlling cash flows in the entity
  • drafting media and press releases
  • contact with public-law authorities and institutions
  • contact with the media and business environment institutions
  • supervising the recruitment of new employees

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