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  1. Eletor TRF-50/24/AC eletor TRF-50/24/AC power supply for actuator 24V AC transformer converter 230 step down actuators for air inlets short-circuit protection against voltage alarm control panel 2a 50w control unit
    Eletor TRF-50/24/AC
    PLN310.00 PLN252.03
    Power supply for 24V AC actuator; housing with glands; 230V to 24V AC; 2A; 50W Learn More
  2. ELETOR SC-PE16 - 16A Power Extension for Ventilation Climate Controllers
    PLN1,580.00 PLN1,284.55

    16A Power Extension for ventilation climate controllers.

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  3. ELETOR SC-PE6 - 6A Power Extension for Ventilation Climate Controllers
    PLN1,170.00 PLN951.22

    6A Power extension for ventilation climate controllers

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  4. ELETOR IC-AC - actuator controller with a potentiometer designed for curtain houses or with a large number of air inlets.
    Eletor IC-AC
    PLN650.01 PLN528.46

    Controller for air inlets and curtain system in gravity ventilation systems.

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  5. ELETOR - IC-DC50W24VB - Air inlet controller with buffer power supply and emergency opening of air inlets for livestock buildings
    PLN1,350.00 PLN1,097.56

    UPS for the inlet flaps system; two independent channels; automatic/manual work; 24V 4Ah battery storage

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  6. Eletor FC-T4AP - Spiral or bead feeder controller with adjustable switch-on delay and maximum working time
    Eletor FC-T4AP
    PLN599.99 PLN487.80

    Feed Line Controller, Current Range: 2.5-4.0A.

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  7. Eletor SC-12 -  microclimate controller for the piggery
    Eletor SC-12 OLED
    PLN1,330.00 PLN1,081.30

    Climate controller, output current permissible up to 12A; 2,3,4 stage ventilation 3A; heating 3A; 2 temperature sensor inputs; alarm; airing; 3 outputs 0-10V (flaps, power extension, reheating);;cooperation with 230V actuators/servo motors and the potentiometer; menu language in Polish, English, Ukrainian

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  8. Eletor SC-S - 5A ventilation controller for livestock rooms, used in buildings divided into chambers
    Eletor SC-S OLED
    PLN869.00 PLN706.50

    Climate controller, smooth 6A ventilation, 2nd stage ventilation or 3A heating process, one temperature sensor output, alarms, airing, two 0-10V outputs (air inlets, power extending module), menu setup available in four languages: Polish, English, Russian, German, Lithuanian, Ukrainian.

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