Delivery and payments

1. Delivery dates for products and goods from the warehouse of the ELETOR company

The warehouse issues orders from Monday to Friday (working days) from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We try to keep the offered goods available in our warehouse on an ongoing basis. In the event that the ordered goods are in production, we will immediately send you information about the delivery time.

2. Order completion dates for BELIMO products

If a BELIMO product has the "IN STOCK" status, it means that it is a product available in the manufacturer's current offer. We do not have a warehouse policy for these products, because we use the supplier's external warehouse for the execution of orders, on the basis of separate logistic agreements. We assume that all BELIMO products with the "IN STOCK" status are available with a delivery time of up to 14 working days from the successfully placed order. The final date of shipment is given in the document confirming the acceptance of the order from the Buyer by the Store.

If the product has the status "OUT OF STOCK", it means that the product has been withdrawn from sale by the manufacturer and it is not possible to order it. However, we leave access to the catalog data for information purposes.

As a standard, the order fulfillment time for BELIMO products is from 1 to 14 business days. In exceptional situations beyond the Store's control, this period may be extended, which we will inform the Buyer about.

80% of orders placed for BELIMO products are processed on the same business day, provided that the goods are physically in an external warehouse in Poland and the order has been placed by 11:00. In other cases, orders are processed on the next business day or up to 14 business days, in the absence of sufficient goods in the external warehouse.

3. Producers do not produce "on the shelf", which is why sometimes you cannot get the goods "on the spot"

We realize that each of us values our time and would like our orders to be processed expressly. Nowadays, as manufacturers and also sellers of other brands, we are aware that the production times for the warehouse or the so-called shelf are over. Most of all, fast-rotating products or products based on contractual agreements are produced. Manufacturers, having at their disposal machine parks and access to raw materials, currently focus primarily on preparing a catalog offer and developing technical documentation.

Thanks to a well-developed production technology, if required, products can be produced relatively quickly, but at the same time they do not block the producer's resources for expensive storage. For these reasons, you have to wait a bit longer for some products - even though they have the "IN STOCK" status. Our store is prepared to handle all types of orders, and our team ensures that your orders are carried out efficiently and as quickly as possible.

In case of any doubts, we encourage you to contact our Store staff directly.

4. Shipping costs for deliveries in Poland

Most of the deliveries in Poland are made via courier companies. The flat-rate shipping costs for a parcel up to 30 kg are as follows:

  • PLN 21.00 for orders paid in advance,
  • PLN 4.00 surcharge for payment upon receipt of the goods.
    The above prices include VAT (23%).

5. Shipping costs for deliveries outside of Poland

In the case of orders outside Poland, shipping costs and delivery conditions are set individually. This applies to transactions:

  • mail order sale for natural persons outside the territory of Poland,
  • intra-community delivery of goods,
  • export.

6. Payment terms

The store carries out orders based on the following types of payment:

  • prepayment to a bank account based on the issued proforma invoice - after selecting this option in the Store, the service will issue and send a proforma invoice to you,
  • collection - payment to the courier upon delivery of the order.

7. Sales documents

The implementation of each order is documented with a VAT invoice.

When orders are processed from ELETOR's warehouse, invoices are attached to the packages.

In the event that orders are processed from external warehouses or relate to shipments paid for on delivery, after checking with the carrier whether the goods have been received, we issue invoices separately and send them by traditional mail or, at the express request of the customer, send in electronic form to the e-mail address provided. .