Discount policy

The ELETOR company does not carry out a uniform discount policy for each type of assortment.

Trade discounts are determined on the basis of individual arrangements between the parties, inquiries and the history of cooperation.

ELETOR polityka rabatowa

1. ELETOR brand products

The valuation of products manufactured by the ELETOR company is made on the basis of individual contracts with wholesalers.

2. Commercial products

The valuation of commercial products is made on the basis of individual inquiries submitted by the Buyer.

3. Price negotiations

It is possible to negotiate prices based on the Trade Offers we have issued. To use this option, we will ask you to send a counter-offer, which should include:

  • a new proposal for the unit price of the goods in the currency indicated in the negotiated Trade Offer,
  • terms of payment,
  • conditions of delivery,
  • alternative quote from another Seller,
  • validity period of the counter-offer.

We do not allow tacit consent to the counteroffer. The counter-offer may be considered accepted in the event of an unequivocal response from the Seller, submitted within the validity period of the counter-offer. Otherwise, the counter-offer is not recognized by the Seller.