Belimo GK24A-MP

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Rotary actuator SuperCap, 24V AC/DC, 40 Nm, MP-Bus.

Communicative damper actuator fail-safe and extended functionalities for adjusting dampers in technical building installations and in laboratories.

  • Air damper size up to approx. 8 m²,
  • Torque motor 40 Nm,
  • Nominal voltage AC/DC 24 V,
  • Control modulating, communicative 2...10 V variable,
  • Position feedback 2...10 V variable,
  • Conversion of sensor signals,
  • Communication via Belimo MP-Bus.
More Information
Manufacturer Belimo
Nominal voltage 24V AC/DC
Control mode MP-Bus
Rated torque 40 Nm
Throttle area up to approx. 8 m²
Clamp dimension 14...26,7 mm
Movement time - Motor 90° 150 s
Safety Function Yes
Time of setting in the safe position 90° | <35 s
International Protection Rating IP54
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