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Climate controller, output current permissible up to 12A; 2,3,4 stage ventilation 3A; heating 3A; 2 temperature sensor inputs; alarm; airing; 3 outputs 0-10V (flaps, power extension, reheating);;cooperation with 230V actuators/servo motors and the potentiometer; menu language in Polish, English, Ukrainian

Climate controller with output current permissible up to 12A

The product may be also labelled as:

  • SW-12


A digital, controlling and measuring device used to control the ventilation, airing, inlet flaps, and heating in the breeding rooms. It guarantees the stable temperature inside of the building due to the smooth regulation of the fan speed.


Microprocessor climate controller belonging to the SPEED CONTROL family. The device versatility is guaranteed by the variety of its inputs/outputs and the intuitive software that is available in two languages: Polish and English. Apart from some basic functions such as: adjusting the temperature, heating, min/max fan speed and the alarms, the device also allows to test and maintain calibration records of the actuators cooperating with the controller.

Parameters and features:

  1. "FAN" Ventilation 1st stage:
    • output current smooth regulation up to the maximum of 12A
    • thermal overload protection
    • soft start function
    • bypass relay full power output
    • calibration of the minimum and maximum ventilation level and bandwidth,
    • energy saving programme with inlet flaps opened in advance
  2. "FAN 2" Ventilation 2nd stage, separated relay up to 3A
  3. "HOT" Heating, separated relay up to 3A
  4. "FUNC 1,2" Two function-relay outputs (to choose):
    • cooperation with linear actuators
    • stage 3 and stage 4 ventilations or sprinkling.
  5. "ALARM" NO/NC alarm outputs:
    • power outage signalisation
    • max/min temperature threshold exceedance signalisation
    • sensor damage signalisation
    • power overload signalization
    • built-in acoustic alarm
  6. Additional DC12V power supply
  7. "V1,V2,V3" Three independent 0-10V outputs:
    • cooperation with the extension modules, frequency inverters and BLDC fans
    • inlet flaps and chimney damper control
    • variable-capacity heating control
  8. Curtain winch potentiometer DC10V power supply
  9. "SENS 1,2" Two analog inputs for the temperature measurement
  10. "1-Wire" Digital port for the temperature measurement (up to four sensors)
  11. "RS-485" PC cooperation up to 1200 m
  12. "IN 1,2" Two analog 0-10V inputs
  13. Power consumption of <10W
  14. IP65 hermetic enclosure
  15. Power supply voltage 230VAC 50Hz

Working principle

The primary function of the SC-12 controller is to maintain the temperature in the breeding room at the level set by the breeder. The generated microclimate has a huge influence on the number swine or poultry in the breeding room. Livestock are not losing any energy absorbed with the feed to generate the heat for their bodies, or in case of high temperatures, they do not reduce the feed consumption. Please note that the controller is only a tool that helps to provide the optimal climate conditions in the room. The breeder plays the main role in the whole process by adjusting the settings on the device based on current weather conditions outside the building, as well as (and most importantly) based on the observation of the behaviour of all animals. The user should also monitor the device work status using the alarm control panel.

Controller installation

The illustration below presents various possible connections of the SC-12 climate controller.

Ventilation controller SC-12 symbolic diagram of the possibilities of combining ventilation in a livestock building Pic. Schematic connection of the SC-12 climate controller

The package contains:

  • 1 pc - Eletor SC-12 Climate controller
  • 1 pc - Eletor TS5 Temperature sensor
  • 4 pcs - Wall plugs with screws
  • English manual
More Information
GTIN-13 (EAN-13) 5904161507062
Manufacturer Eletor
Nominal voltage 1~230V AC
Control U ~ phase
International Protection Rating IP65
Warranty Manufacturer - 24 months
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