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Climate controller, smooth 5A ventilation, 2nd stage ventilation or 3A heating process, one temperature sensor output, alarms, airing, two 0-10V outputs (flaps, power extending module), menu setup available in four languages: Polish, Russian, German and English.

Climate controller with output current permissible up to 5A

The product may be also labelled as:

  • SC-S
  • SW-2


The climate controller from the ELETOR company and the Speed Control SERVOMOTOR series intended for the breeding rooms, divided into chambers for 100 pieces. It generates the optimal microclimate by implementing the smooth ventilation in the piggery, based on the current temperature.


SPEED CONTROL – SERVOMOTOR SC-S is a micro-processor climate controller for the breeding room purposes. Due to the use of the special algorithm, it guarantees the optimal conditions for the animal growth. The temperature measurement is possible thanks to the sensor added with the controller. It is smoothly converted into controlable ventilation (one phase 6A motor), heating inlet flaps opening angles, and in the moments of insecurity – the alarm system. To work properly, the controller does not need any additional input/output modules. The only exception possible is with the inverter and the use of triple-phase ventilators (3~400V), which can be freely connected to the 0-10V controller output. The controller uses the airing programme in thee breeding room. In case, when the temperature measured drops below the temperature set previously, the airing is activated – the actuator cyclically (in work/break periods) provides the amount of air set by the user and necessary for the animals. In case of any malfunctions, the controller will immediately signal it by activating the internal alarm and the work of GSM central in order to send the message to the user via the SMS. The controller informs about the following malfunctions:

  • power failure, too low or severely distorted
  • damage to the temperature sensor or connecting cables
  • exceeding the min/max temperature thresholds
  • overheated device or system error

Parameters and features:

  • Smoothly regulated 1st stage ventilation up to 6A load, with smooth fan speed, anti-icing spade, and the precise calibration of the Ventilation Band
  • on/off output to choose as 2nd stage ventilation or controlling the heater
  • the alarm output with the central alarm separation
  • 0-10V outputs for controlling the power extension modules or the inverters with the calibration of voltage ranges and 10-0V inversion function
  • 0-10V output for inlet flaps actuators e.g. EGM-100A, BELIMO, output with voltage range calibration, and the 10-0V inversion function
  • clear OLED text display with intuitive menu avaiable in four languages: Polish, English, Russian or German
  • Function of airing, min/max fan speed regulation , and the temperature sensor control

Working principle

The primary function of the SC-12 controller is to maintain the temperature in the breeding room at the level set by the breeder. The generated microclimate has a huge influence on the number swine or poultry in the breeding room. Livestock are not losing any energy absorbed with the feed to generate the heat for their bodies, or in case of high temperatures, they do not reduce the feed consumption. Please note that the controller is only a tool that helps to provide the optimal climate conditions in the room. The breeder plays the main role in the whole process by adjusting the settings on the device based on current weather conditions outside the building, as well as (and most importantly) based on the observation of the behaviour of all animals. The user should also monitor the device work status using the alarm control panel.

SC-S microclimate controller on the example of a piggery with two chambers Schematic example of using two SC-S climate controllers in the breeding room with the alarm system

Installing the controller

The illustrations below presents various possible connections of the SC-S climate controller.

SC-S ventilation controller - connection diagram for the second ventilation group

Schematic connection of 2nd stage ven tilation in SC-C controller

Connection diagrams of ventilation controllers to the alarm control panel

The schematic illustration of connecting the SC-C climate controller to the alarm control panel

Drawing showing the possibilities of connecting ventilation controllers

The picture presenting the possible connections of SC-S climate controllers

The TS5 temperature sensor is included with the device

More Information
Manufacturer Eletor
Nominal voltage 1~230V AC
Control U ~ phase
International Protection Rating IP56
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