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Climate controller, smooth 6A ventilation, 2nd stage ventilation or 3A heating process, one temperature sensor output, alarms, airing, two 0-10V outputs (air inlets, power extending module), menu setup available in four languages: Polish, English, Russian, German, Lithuanian, Ukrainian.

Microclimate / Ventilation controller with a maximum output current of 6A

The ELETOR ventilation controller from the SpeedControl SERVOMOTOR series for livestock buildings divided into rooms of about 100 units provides an optimal microclimate by smooth ventilation of the piggery, poultry houses and cowshed depending on the temperature.

SPEED CONTROL - SERVOMOTOR (SC-S) is a microprocessor climate controller for livestock rooms. Using a special algorithm, it ensures optimal animal welfare conditions. Temperature measurement, from the sensor included in the set, is converted into smoothly controlled ventilation (single-phase fans up to 6A), control of air inlet actuators and heaters. The SC-S does not need any additional input - output modules to work. The exception may be the inverter in the case of using three-phase fans (3 ~ 400V), which can be connected to the 0-10V output. The controller is equipped with the function of aerating the livestock room. If the measured temperature drops below the set value - the controller switches to the aerating mode. In the aerating mode, the controller doses in a cyclical manner (working time / pause time) the programmed amount of air necessary for the animals' life.


  • smoothly regulated first group of ventilation up to a load of 6A, with soft fan start-up, anti-icing peak and precise "band gap" calibration;
  • on / off output for switching on the second ventilation group or the heater;
  • 0-10V output for controlling power extension modules or inverters, with calibration of voltage ranges and inversion function (10-0V);
  • 0-10V output for air inlet actuators, eg EGM-100A, BELIMO, the output has a voltage interval calibration and an inversion function (10-0V);
  • ventilation mode, aerating mode, fan speed control min./max., temperature sensor calibration;
  • output to the alarm control unit with galvanic separation;
  • clear OLED text display with an intuitive menu in Polish, English, Russian, German, Lithuanian, Ukrainian.


In case of irregularities, the controller will signal the alarm with an internal buzzer and activate the alarm output, activating the GSM control unit (Eletor CA-2 GSM) in order to send an SMS. The controller alerts about the following irregularities:

  • power failure, too low or heavily distorted;
  • damage temperature sensor or connecting cables;
  • exceeding the programmed temperature thresholds min. / max.;
  • overheating or error of the controller program.

The principle of operation of the ventilation controller

The main task of the ventilation controller is to maintain the temperature in the livestock rooms at the level set by the farmer. The created microclimate translates into large increments of pigs or poultry. Livestock does not lose the energy taken from the feed to warm the body or, in the case of high temperatures, do not reduce the feed intake. It should be remembered that the controller is only a tool that is to help ensure optimal climatic conditions in the livestock room. However, the farmer plays a major role in this process, who should adjust the device settings based on the changing climatic conditions outside, and above all, observing the behavior of animals.

Installing the controller

The picture presenting the possible connections of SC-S climate controllers

The picture presenting the possible connections of eletor SC-S climate controller

Schematic example of using two SC-S climate controllers in the livestock room with the alarm system

SC-S microclimate controller on the example of a piggery with two chambers

The schematic illustration of connecting the SC-S climate controller to the alarm control unit (Eletor CA-2 GSM)

Connection diagrams of ventilation controllers to the alarm control unit Eletor CA-2 GSM

Schematic connection of 2nd stage ventilation in SC-S controller

SC-S ventilation controller - connection diagram for the second ventilation group

This product may also appear under the name:

  • SC-S
  • SW-2

The package contains:

  • 1 pc - Eletor SC-S Climate controller
  • 1 pc - Eletor TS5 Temperature sensor
  • 1 pc - 10A Fuse
  • 4 pcs - Wall plugs with screws
  • English manual
More Information
GTIN-13 (EAN-13) 5904161507055
Manufacturer Eletor
Nominal voltage 1~230V AC
Control U ~ phase
International Protection Rating IP56
Warranty Manufacturer - 24 months
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