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Controller for air inlets and curtain system in gravity ventilation systems.

ELETOR IC-AC controller - control of air inlets and curtain system in gravity ventilation.

Controller of actuators and air inlet lifts based on right / left AC motors with a potentiometer for reading the current position. The controller acts as a 0-10V signal converter to the level of inlet opening, additionally it enables manual control.

Parameters and Features:

  • operating modes: MANUAL, AUTO
  • maximum output current 2A
  • input signal - control: 0-10V, 2-10V, 10-0V, 10-2V
  • the possibility of inversion of the actuator operation
  • 2-10V (10-2V) control voltage control - in case of loss of the control signal (damage to the cable or the controller), the inlets will open to the set position
  • hermetic IP56 housing
  • menu language: Polish, English, Ukrainian

The controller is designed for air inlet control systems equipped with a 230V actuator with a potentiometer. The controller enables precise calibration of the extreme positions of the air inlets - closing and opening. In automatic mode, it controls the position of the air inlets based on the value from the potentiometer, moving the actuator proportionally to the applied control signal. In case of a control voltage failure, the controller will set the actuator to the emergency position set in the menue - emergency position expressed as a percentage.

The controller also has a manual mode that allows you to control the actuator using the plus / minus buttons.

The controller is equipped with input protection against overvoltage and incorrect control signal application, in addition, the output has been equipped with a noise suppression system - RC suppressor, which extends the life of the output relays.

Application of the IC-AC controller

  • piggery, poultry houses and cowshed with lots of air inlets
  • livestock buildings with complex and extensive rigging of air inlets
  • large livestock buildings where many actuators are required to drive the air intakes
  • curtain livestock buildings
  • livestock buildings with controlled gravity ventilation

The diagram below shows the connection of the IC-AC regulator with the LA350 linear actuator and the ELETOR SC-S climate controller.

Combination of air inlet regulator with linear actuator and ventilation controller

The ELETOR IC-AC controller works with 230V actuators:

  • REVENTA LR 3000 V5
  • DELTAFAN SL-230V, 60cm
  • CANARM VA1000
  • Hog Slat® HS667-24 Linear Actuator
  • RIDDER-RW45 and other
  • TOMUU-U12

An example of a 230V linear actuator controlled directly by the ELETOR IC-AC regulator

Linear actuator of air inlets for livestock buildings

Example of using the ELETOR IC-AC regulator in a building with curtain ventilation

The device can be used in installations with a gearmotor ~ 3x400V, in this case a motor protection combined with a reversing system should be used at the controller output.

Control of the position of the air curtains in gravity ventilation

More Information
GTIN-13 (EAN-13) 5904161507000
Manufacturer Eletor
Nominal voltage 1~230V AC
International Protection Rating IP56
Warranty Manufacturer - 24 months
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